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Historically, Turkish Shipowners have been used to building ships on their own. While this had various reasons, changing partly over the decades, Armona adopted this philosophy for the benefits of cost saving, better quality control, individual selection of manufacturers and associated technical features and, last but not least, to involve ship management staff in the construction with the subsequent advantages of through-life management and maintenance.

The band was founded in 2002 when Lorenz Weinstabl (German), Mehmet Aksoy (English) and Kenneth Jan Madsen (Danish) founded Armona Shipping. Armona's shipbuilding program started in 2002 with 3500 DWT tankers. In 2004, construction of the third and fourth 3500 DWT tankers was started. 3445 dwt. Constructions longer than 6400 meters in 2007 since 2009 Completed. 6400 mt class. 2016 and 2017 will be launched in 2016 and 2017. Ibex. Initially, the Group's technical management was outsourced to Shill in Glasgow. However, it is clear that it may be under control. Therefore, the shipbuilding team works in the Armona Shipping fleet. After four years of experience, Armona was encouraged to become the Quality Operator of the Atlantis Tanker Fleet. Rapidly increasing freight rates.

Atlantis Tankers Group is a subsidiary of Armona Shipping Company. Designed for construction or construction. It is then extremely advantageous for the company to have detailed information about the company.

For the last thirty years. Today, with complex processes; Over the years, Armona has become the 'quality operator'. More than Super Majors. Self Evaluation Completely Satisfied. In addition, Event Profile, Inspection Results, Emergency Response Ability, Terminal Ship Performance Reports, Security and Environmental Management System were examined and implemented.

Focus on sustainability. We look forward to meeting our customers. Sociale We look forward to our work. We were authorized to do their jobs well in Atlantis. We are always optimistic business processes.


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